Requirements for legal online casinos

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The gambling industry is not just an entertainment, but a very serious business. Especially when this area is controlled by the state and authoritative bodies. Canadian gambling is considered one of the most reliable and reputable. Why?

Because it operates under strict rules of integrity and quality. Also, the Kahnawake license enjoys the strongest trust among gamblers and club owners.

How to get a Kahnawake Canadian casino license?

So that you understand how important and serious this regulatory commission is, pay attention to the requirements that a legal online casino must fulfill:

  • application for a license;
  • confirmation of the fulfilled requirements of the commission;
  • documents requested by the commission;
  • pay an annual license fee (for the first year) in the amount of US $ 10,000 (in case of refusal of the license, the amount is refunded);
  • deposit an amount of US $ 15,000 to cover the costs of consideration of the operator's application (in case of refusal, the amount is not refundable);
  • an annual license fee of US $ 10,000.

Only rich and reputable gambling clubs with a reliable reputation and stable turnover can afford it.

Trust only proven casinos online

The jurisdiction of Canada contributes to the rapid start and development of the gambling business: it minimizes taxation, sets simplified requirements for companies, and provides reliable servers. At the same time, casino owners face several requirements to obtain the status of a legal online casino.

Besides, the commission has at any time to check the company for compliance with the set requirements. If violations are found, the company may be fined, suspended, or revoked.

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