Canadian gambling and the law

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Every Canadian knows for sure that the gambling business in this country is legally prohibited. The Federal Criminal Code of Canada prohibits land-based and online gambling. At the same time, Canadian provinces can organize and manage a gambling business.

This becomes possible thanks to 'lottery schemes', which are interpreted very broadly: any games and devices can belong to them. They can be represented by both games of chance and games that require skills. Each province makes its laws in this industry. Therefore, along with the bans on gambling activities, you can find many legal Canadian online casinos here.

Gaming Regulators

Due to the existing legislative framework, the authorities of the Canadian provinces are both operators and regulators of the gambling business. Legislative acts have several similar aspects, which they focus on. These include:

  • protecting society from the unwanted consequences of gambling;
  • responsible game;
  • location and size of gambling establishments;
  • the types and number of games offered;
  • financial control;
  • the investigation, security, and surveillance of gambling sites.

Some provinces delegate some of the online casino legal regulation issues to the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch in British Columbia.

Canadian gambling is safe

Canada's gambling business has been successfully developing since the 1990s, the market volume is gradually increasing. However, Canadians spend a lot of money on overseas online sites and casinos in the neighboring United States.

Therefore, the authorities are trying to modernize the legal Canadian online casino to be competitive. Canada has one of the best programs to protect society from the harmful effects of gambling. Therefore, the percentage of addicted players is minimal here.

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